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Select the right thermal interface materials products for your thermal management projects

Select the right thermal interface materials products for your thermal management projects; SinoGuide TIMs minimize the extreme stresses to components and eliminate the air-gaps to reduce the thermal resistance, as well as high conformability reduces interfacial resistance!

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Sinoguide Latest Thermal Product Gap Pad TCP300

Writer: admin;   Source: Sinoguide;   Date:2013-04-09

Thermal Product Gap Pad TCP300 for heatsink heat transfer
Sinoguide is proud to introduce its latest product Gap Pad TCP300, The new high-compliance Gap Pad TCP300 utilizes a low-modulus resin formulation and filler package to provide exceptional performance at low pressures. The thermal material is well suited for high performance applications requiring low stress on components during assembly. This highly conformable silicone-based material has elastic properties that provide low stress, superior wet-out characteristics and maximum interface adhesion.
gap pad tcp300
Silicone Gap Pad TCP300 provide the thermal pathway for transferring heat from components to heat sinks. At one time, most TIMs were simple, homogenous pads filled with thermally conductive fillers. But increasing power levels of processors and other components present a continuous need for improved thermal material performance. Today, a much wider range of high thermal conductivity thermal pads is available from SinoGuide.

Gap Pad TCP300 provide a low thermal resistance path, good thermal performance, and excellent isolation between the DC-DC converter and the mounting plane. Gap Pad TCP300 improve heat conduction by filling air gaps between DC-DC converters and printed circuit boards, heat sinks, or chasses.

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