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ISO 9001 , Quality Control System

 Innovation, performance and customer satisfaction are SinoGuide's guiding principles. We understand the importance of ISO9001 total traceability for our administration system as part of your quality audit process. Therefore, Our IT team have developed a new business management system in a universally accessible "filemaker" format that enable us to trace every step of your inquiry and manufacturing order in finite details . Our intention is to make this new system accessible to all customers by registering at some point in the future as part of the rolling development. This will allow immediate access to historic manufacture, previous orders and copies of the manufacturing QA inspection reports.

ISO 9001 system Certification

Widely Used in Warious Industry

Thermal interface pads & material are used widely in aerospace, consumer electronics, and telecom equipment industries, sealing and shielding processes, and power supply unit applications. Thermal interface pads & material can be a cost effective approach for the various industries as they help increase productivity in a cost-effective way. Technological advancements have made a positive impact on the Thermal interface pads & material market. These advancements have helped to improve the performance of Thermal interface pads & material in terms of quality and accuracy.

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Electronic Heatsink silicone pad

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Service and quality are indisputably non-negotiable in today’s market place. SinoGuide, a market leader in the production and conversion of Thermal Interface Materials, demands exceptional levels of service and quality from its suppliers, and prides itself in mirroring these levels in its dealings with customers.


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