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Reputable Developer and Manufacturer of TIMs


SinoGuide services virtually every industry with a need for thermal interface materials. We have produced and shipped products to nearly every continent on earth. SinoGuide Technology is a reputable developer and manufacturer of Thermal Interface Materials (Thermal Conductive Pad, Thermal Conductive Grease, Thermal Conductive Insulator, Thermal Conductive Tape...) and Value Added fabrication services to satisfy your product requirement. Be aggressive worldwide expansion with emphasis on unique technologies and advanced management philosophy.
SinoGuide Technology R&D center

Find out detailed information regarding Sinoguide's key personnel and facilities, business activities and corporate entities as well as its sales and production growth around the globe. 

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Tel.:+86-755-89375091 Fax.:+86-755-89375092 E-mail: sales@sg-thermal.com
Address: 301, Building A, North Plant, No. 103,Pingxin North Road, Mugu Community,Pinghu Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen,China