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Our Mission, Vision & Core Values

SinoGuide will lead the electronics thermal management industry worldwide. We will be the company our customers partner with to solve their most demanding thermal challenges. Our business processes are designed for speed, technical innovation, global convenience and will reduce our customers time to market because we understand their needs and priorities.

Quality Policy

Persist in Quality Control, Satisfy Customer Demands

Our Core Value 
Core Value of SinoGuide

Our Mission 
Mission of SinoGuide

Global Marketing

Our sales and applications engineering personnel assist with each step of the customer’s requirements, from product selection, design in, samples, production and inventory. We have no minimum order quantity, maintain worldwide inventories at our facilities and at our distributors. We commit to prompt response to all inquiries – within 24 hours !

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Tel.:+86-755-89375091 Fax.:+86-755-89375092 E-mail: sales@sg-thermal.com
Address: 301, Building A, North Plant, No. 103,Pingxin North Road, Mugu Community,Pinghu Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen,China