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Select the right thermal interface materials products for your thermal management projects

Select the right thermal interface materials products for your thermal management projects; SinoGuide TIMs minimize the extreme stresses to components and eliminate the air-gaps to reduce the thermal resistance, as well as high conformability reduces interfacial resistance!

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Thermal Interface Materials from Sinoguide for Thinner Space

Writer: admin;   Source: SinoGuide Technology;   Date:2016-10-26

High performance thermal interface materials(TIMs) from Sinoguide Technology for thinner spaces

As brief view on the product portfolio of Sinoguide Technology, the highly-compressible thermal interface materials (TIMs) reduce contact thermal resistance between rough surfaces in extremely thin spaces. Sinoguide Technology developed TCP series thermal pads enhance the thermal transfer between heat generating devices (heat sources) and heat dissipation devices (heat sinks).

From the above picture, it is a 0.3mm thick silicone-based thermal pad with fiberglass reinforced designed for application on power modules. TCP series thermal cooling pad can be compressed by 50% under certain pressure, is easy to install, and has lower labor and installation costs comparing with thermal grease or phase change material.

TCP series thermal pads guarantees thermal stability of up to 200°C and high reliability against intense heat cycles (-45°C to +180°C). Its thermal conductivity spans from 0.8w/mk to 7.5w/mk, and applicable at customized shape through die-cutting or punching according the drawing file.

For further details, pls visit the website at http://www.sg-thermal.com.

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