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Select the right thermal interface materials products for your thermal management projects

Select the right thermal interface materials products for your thermal management projects; SinoGuide TIMs minimize the extreme stresses to components and eliminate the air-gaps to reduce the thermal resistance, as well as high conformability reduces interfacial resistance!

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Thermal Management - High-performance Thermal Interface Materials

Writer: admin;   Source: SinoGuide;   Date:2017-08-03

SinoGuide Thermal Management

SinoGuide soft-silicone pad materials are soft and highly thermally conductive silicone interface materials filled with thermally conductive ceramics. They are especially suitable for applications in which the heat needs to be conducted longer distances from source to heat sink or chassis (due to component height difference or different tolerances and surface ruggedness, for instance). Additionally, the advantages of silicone as basic material are its resistance to high temperatures and many chemicals, as well as its high dielectric strength.

SinoGuide is an advanced, present-day innovator of Thermal Interface Materials products.  Our comprehensive line of thermal interface products deliver high-performance solutions to meet the unique demands of high-end, ever-faster electric/electronic technology!  A wide range of standard and specially designed thermal management materials which includes Silicone and Non-Silicone heat sink compounds, Pads, Gap fillers and Epoxies are immediately available, worldwide.
These thermally conductive products are designed to dissipate the heat out from the heat sources. This will protect the components and devices from overheating and thus prolong the operating life and enhance the performance. The Silicone Pad or the non-silicone gap filler are ideal as a conducting media between flat surfaces. Silicone putty or grease are suitable for filling up gaps or uneven surfaces. Silicone potting have good flowability and able to fill up all the cavities to provide maximum protection to the device.

Thermal Interface Grease Specifically Designed for High Performance Heat Transfer
When two surfaces need to be mounted together under mechanical pressure in a thermal management system, thermal grease/putty offers a convenient and economic heat transfer path for applications requiring thin bond lines and high performance. The soft fluidic nature of the interface substance cold-flows into the micro-air voids and thermally couples the two surfaces.
Our thermal interface grease and putty is exceptionally stable under environmental conditions and will not dry or pump-out over time. These materials can be dispensed, screen printed or stencilled onto a substrate to give superior thermal performance.

SinoGuide has developed thermal solutions, and is the recognized as the world leader in thermal interface material (TIM) applications. SinoGuide’s in-house workshop can build, test and provide performance data for any thermal component prototype, we can then work together with you to analyse the performance engineer the best solution for your requirements.

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