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Select the right thermal interface materials products for your thermal management projects

Select the right thermal interface materials products for your thermal management projects; SinoGuide TIMs minimize the extreme stresses to components and eliminate the air-gaps to reduce the thermal resistance, as well as high conformability reduces interfacial resistance!

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High Performance TIMs for Supporting Effective Heat Management

Writer: admin;   Source: SinoGuide;   Date:2017-01-09
Effective heat management is a must for practically any electronic device or application. Numerous solutions are available that meet the requirements of today’s innovative applications.

TIM for heat management cooling system
Because components are becoming ever more efficient, because applications are becoming ever smaller and increasingly mobile, and in light of the desire for solutions for automated production, requirements relating to heat management have changed. Numerous new solutions address these requirements, but to select the right strategy from this diverse range, a case-specific analysis must be performed as each application is subject to different circumstances. CFD analysis (computational fluid dynamics) provides a convenient option. It can be used to illustrate how products and prototypes handle heat as early as the concept phase. It takes into account thermal resistance, the heat conductivity of various materials, convection and radiation, and also CAD data and real installation and ambient conditions. On this basis, the CFD analysis provides a three-dimensional illustration of the causes and effects of heat as well as the temperature and flow distribution in an assembly, thereby providing a solid basis to make decisions on which housing design to use and finding a suitable heatsink.

Small electronic devices, especially portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and cameras, require ever thinner and lighter solutions to effectively dissipate or distribute heat. This affects not only consumer electronics, but also data communication infrastructure, which contains ever more complex electronics in an increasingly compact space. Electric and hybrid vehicles require long-life and lightweight batteries,and solar panels need to be able to withstand greater heat generation, and in modern medical engineering, mobile devices are increasingly being used that need to be convenient to carry. Sinoguide Technology developed TCP series thermal pads are able to handle these requirements, which are popularly applied to enhance the thermal transfer between heat generating devices (heat sources) and heat dissipation devices (heat sinks).

Sinoguide Technology is a renowned supplier of thermal interface materials for the electronic, medical, semiconductor, optics, automotive and aerospace industries. Our thermal management solutions are recognized for reliability and customized for use in electric vehicles, energy storage systems, motors, and other power electronics.

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