Thermal Gap Filler Used for GPU, CPU, DDR, RAM and CHIP

Sinoguide Thermal Gap Filler

Exceptionally soft, highly compressible gap filler
TCP series gap filler is an exceptionally soft, highly compressible gap filling interface pad with a thermal conductivity of 1-7.5 W/mK. These outstanding properties are the result of a proprietary boron nitride filler in the composition.

The high conductivity, in combination with extreme softness produces incredibly low thermal resistances. While extremely soft, TCP series gap filler will recover to over 90% of its original thickness after compression under low pressure. TCP series gap filler is naturally tacky and requires no additional adhesive coating that can inhibit thermal performance. This Gap Filler is electrically insulating, stable from –45°C to 200°C and meets UL 94 HB rating.

SinoGuide is in the business of solving problems. With our history and experience in the electronics industry, our experts can help find ways to improve your process, control and manage heat, and back it all with exceptional service.

We make it our business to know your business. We understand your problems. We also know that there will always be a better way to help you reach your goals and objectives. To that end, our company continually invests considerable time and money into research and development.


As a Thermal Management Leader - Provides Customers with Technical and Engineering Support

Our solutions to control and manage heat in electronic assemblies and printed circuit boards are used by many of the world's largest OEMs in a wide range of industries.  

We have our R&D Centers, design and application professionals, so our thermal solutions can developed for specific customer requests.


Customization Service · RoHS UL ISO REACH · 10+ Years of Innovation · World-class Support

As the use of thermal materials increases in applications such as LED lighting, medical device, TV LCD panel, power supply, and low-energy lamp ballasts, new formulas will emerge offering greater thermal conductivity in addition to outstanding wet-out characteristics and bondline thickness. A key learning task facing electronic manufacturers today is the integration of precision automated dispensing of gap fillers in high-speed inline production. This challenge is best addressed early, as this emerging class of thermal materials should soon become the norm throughout the electronic industry’s most important sectors.


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Customers Commonly Used Thermal Pad Series

TCP300 Series-High Thermal Conductivity and Commonly Used in LED Industry

3.00 W/mk High Thermal Conductivity, Naturally tacky, Vibration Damping
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TCP110U Series-Fiberglass Reinforcement and Good Thermal Conductivity

Low-hardness, with 0.05mm glass cloth reinforcement thermal pad
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TCP600 Series-High Thermal Conductivity

Low hardness with high thermal conductivity 6.00 W/mk; with natural adhesiveness, more convenient to install and remove
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Premium Thermal Interface Material Types:

Thermal Grease

Trim size 1kg, 2kg/Container Ready in just 3 days!
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Thermal Pad

Trim size 200mm x 400mm Ready in just 3 days!
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Thermal Conductive insolutor

Trim size in rolls 300mm x 50m Ready in just 5 days!
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