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Select the right thermal interface materials products for your thermal management projects

Select the right thermal interface materials products for your thermal management projects; SinoGuide TIMs minimize the extreme stresses to components and eliminate the air-gaps to reduce the thermal resistance, as well as high conformability reduces interfacial resistance!

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Thermal Management for Electronic Devices

Writer: admin;   Source: SinoGuide;   Date:2016-05-24

Proven experience and expertise in creating innovative, active solutions to the most complex thermal management issues.

Effective thermal management is key to ensuring consistent long-term performance and reliability in electronic devices. With an increasing variety of electronic applications demanding smaller packaging, higher power, and lower cost, the need for innovative high performance, low cost thermal solutions continues to grow.

Thermal pad used for Electronic Devices
Thermal interface materials with unique characteristics are designed to improve overall thermal performance and reliability for thermal engineers. There are many pad-form solutions available on the market, designing, documenting, shipping, storing, managing and assembling a multitude of die-cut parts in varying sizes.

Please speak to one of our Application Engineers about sampling SinoGuide Technology’s TCP series and put it on the top of your testing list for your new generation of flip-chip devices.

The dissipation of heat is the key to maintaining longevity and reliability of semiconductor and power devices. SinoGuide is a leader in the development of both solder and metal-based thermal interface materials (TIM) for a wide variety of applications. All of our thermal interface materials are metal-based, which means they have a very high conductivity as compared to polymer-based thermal interface materials. 

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