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Consistent High Quality Products and Services

Our focus on quality is integrated throughout every aspect of our business. From initial proposals to product shipments, our activities are process driven with a framework that allows for planning, execution, review, and continual improvement.
High Quality Thermal Pad

At SinoGuide, we achieve product realizations through systematic approaches in all aspects of our operations, with the goal of meeting and exceeding customer requirements. With alignment of intercompany processes and objectives, our daily activities are focused on consistent, predictable results and improvement initiatives.

Quality Control and Assurance Leading to Constant Improvement

Quality Control and Assurance Leading to Constant Improvement The main components of our process are quality control, assurance, and improvement, ensuring that products and services are effective, efficient, and meet or exceed customer expectations. 

By earning and maintaining ISO 9001:2008 registration, SinoGuide affirms its commitment to a Total Quality Management system dedicated to delivering consistent high quality services and products.

Our High Quality Product Lines, Our thermal interface materials come in a variety of different types and size.


our tcp Products gap fillingAs technology continues to advance, the trend toward designing smaller products with higher performance capabilities is requiring many to innovate and think of new ways of managing heat in more efficient ways.

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