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TCP20 Series - Super Insulating Materials

Products Features:

Thermal Conductivity: 0.20W/m.k
High compressible closed-cell silicone foam
 Thermal insulating and low compressure Set 

Typical Applications Include:


Ultra Soft and Highly compressible for low compression force application
High Performance of sealing and gasket, super insulator, vibration damping 



Typical Properties of This Materials:

Typical Properties of TCP20 Thermal Insulating Materials
Properties Units TCP20Series Test Method
Material --- Silicone Foam ---
Color --- Gray Visual
Cellular structure --- Closed ---
Density g/cm3 0.25 ~ 0.8(+/-0.1) ASTM D792
Hardness Shore C 20~45 (+/-5) ASTM-D2240
Tensile Strength 'Mpa ≥0.4 ASTM D412
Elongation % ≥200 ASTM D412
Volume Resistivity Ω.cm 1.5×1015 ASTM D149
Dielectric Strength KV/mm ≥15 ASTM-D149
Flame Rating   V 0 UL 94
Thermal Conductivity W/m.k 0.2 ASTM D5470

Configurations Available:

Standard Sheet and Roll Sizes:

Sheet size:200 x 400mm, 350x350mm , individual parts available Roll Form available(300mm width)



Check List of Reliability Test Report for TCP20 is available after your request




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