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AL20 - Premium Thermal Conductive Pad

Carbon fiber filled. It has outstanding thermal conductivity. High material stability and suitable for extreme environment. It si used between heat sink and heat generating components, fill voids and rugged surfaces. This product has a very high thermal conductivity. Improves heat transfer between a CPU/chipset and heatsink with easy-to-use SinoGuide brand thermal pads.

Products Features:

35 and 50 W/mk Outstanding Thermal Conductivity;
Highly Stable at extreme tempatature;
Non- tacky and good rebound for easy applicaiton;
◇Low durometer;
TCP3000 - Premium Thermal Conductive Pad

Typical Applications Include:


Between heat-generation Conponment and and heatsink.
Highly Stable at extreme Temperature
Required for outstanding heating Transfer
Cooling Module, Thermal module for Special application


Typical Properties of This Materials:


Typical Properties of Premium Thermal Conductive Pad
Properties Units AL20 AL50 Test Method
Construction & Composition ---   Carbon Loaded
  Carbon Loaded Silicone ---
Color --- Black Black Visual
Thickness mm 0.50 to 3.0 0.30 to 3.0 ---
Thickness Tolerance   +/-0.02mm +/-0.02mm ---
Hardness (Shore A) 20 50 ASTM D2240
Density(g/cm) --- 2.4 2.4 ASTM D792
Continuous Use Temp 200 EN344
Breakdown Voltage (AC kV/mm) <0.1 <0.1 ASTM D149
Withstand Voltage (AC kV/mm) <0.1 <0.1 ASTM D149
Volume Resistivity (ohm-cm) <500 <500 ASTM D257
Flame Rating   V 0 V 0 UL 94
Specific Heat Capacity --- 0.87 J/g-k 0.87 J/g-k ASTM D5470
Thermal Mass --- 2088 kj/m3-k 2088 kj/m3-k ASTM D5470
Thermal Conductivity W/m.k 35 50 ASTM D5470

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