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Pre-cured Thermal Putty Pad

The superior comfomability of TCP600-PTY offers excellent compliancy to any irregular gaps and mating surfaces. The material has a very softness with a extremely low compression set. TCP600-PTY provides good thixotropy for your easy assembly without sacrificing its thermal performance. With a premium thermal conductivity of 6.0W/m.k, low thermal resistance can be achieved at low pressures.


Products Features:

6.00 W/mk high thermal conductivity
Premium Thermal Pad, Low Thermal Resistance
Ultra conformability for irregular gapping applications
Silicone-Free Thermal Pad

Typical Applications Include:


--Between heat-generation Conponment and and heatsink.
--High-end Set Top Box, Graphices Cards, Telecom device.
--Wireless communication hardware
--Cooling Module, Thermal module.
--Server S-RAMs, BGA packages

Typical Properties of This Materials:


Typical Properties of TCP600-PTY
Properties Units TCP600-PTY Series Test Method
Material --- Silicone ---
Color --- Lt. Grey Visual
Standard Form --- Mud Visual
Thickness mm 1.0~4.0 ---
Hardness Shore C 15 ASTM D2240
Density g/cc 3.4 ASTM D792
Volatilization Rate @200°C/24H % 0.15% ---
Young's Modulus PSI 213.194 ---
Continuous Use Temp -40 to 200 EN344
Breakdown Voltage KV 5 ASTM D149
Dielectric Constant 1MHz 5 ASTM D150
Volume Impedance ohm-cm 1.0 x1013 ASTM D257
Flame Rating --- V 0 ASTM D150
Thermal Resistance
1.5mm@3psi pressure
℃-in²/W 0.34 ASTM D5470
Thermal Conductivity W/m.k 6.0 ASTM D5470



Configurations Available:

Sheet size:200 x 400mm, 350x350mm , die-cut parts available


Below info will be helpful for your right application

How to transfer or dissipate the heat from the heat-generating components to heat sinks?

How To Select the Right Thermal Interface Materials for your new application?

Pls feel free to contact us as Thermal Management Solutions available in SinoGuide.






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