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3D Mould Thermal Conductive Pad

Thermal gap pads remove heat in computers, tablets & electronic applications. Our thermal interface pads are available for a wide range of gap sizes. SinoGuide wide range of thermally conductive pads are designed to provide a heat transfer path between heat generating components and heat sinks, heat spreaders or other cooling devices.

Products Features:

Various thermal conductivity ;
Customerize thermal Pad for perfect compliance;
Easy assembly and application;
3D thermal pad

Typical Applications Include:


---Mobile phone, Set-Top Box, Power Modules/Supply;
---Telecom device;
---Network Router/Adapter;
---Vehicle-interlligence Terminal;


Typical Properties of This Materials:


Typical Properties of 3D Mould Thermal Conductive Pad
Properties Units 3D Mould Thermal Pad Test Method
Material --- Silicone ---
Color --- Gray, Green Visual
Min Thickness mm 0.30mm ---
Elongation  (%) >40% ASTM D412
Hardness Shore C 40, 55 ASTM D2240
Density g/cc >2.7 ASTM 792
Continuous Use Temp -60 to 200 EN344
Breakdown Voltage  (VAC/mil) ≥250 ASTM D149
Volume Impedance (ohm-cm) ≥5x1013 ASTM D257
Dielectric Constant 1MHz 5.5 ASTM D150
Flame Rating   V 0 UL 94
Thermal Conductivity W/m.k 2.0, 5.0, 6.0 ASTM D5470



Configurations Available:

Customized parts, 3D drawing is required


 SinoGuide Disclaimer:

Any information contained herein is believed to be accurate and reliable. SinoGuide and its agents does not assume any responsibility or liability for any advice furnished by it, or for the performance or results of any installation or use of the product(s) or of any final products into which the product(s) may be incorporated by the purchaser and/or user. The purchaser and/or user should perform its own tests to determine the suitability and fitness of the product (s) for the particular purpose desired in any given situation.






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